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Cut the Music: Inside M.A.R.C.H.—the NYPD's secret, venue-closing task force, The Baffler
Sofar, So Bad: A global startup aims to exploit underground music, The Baffler
With gigs canceled and no relief, musicians form a nationwide union, In These Times


The Problem with Muzak: Spotify's bid to remodel an industry, The Baffler
The Secret Lives of Playlists: Major label influence on Spotify, Watt
Discover Weakly: Sexism on Spotify, The Baffler
Unfree Agents: Spotify's Uber-like model for independent artists, The Baffler
Streambait Pop: The emergence of a total Spotify genre, The Baffler
Big Mood Machine: Spotify pursues emotional surveillance for global profit, The Baffler
Podcast Overlords: Spotify only works for the stars, The Baffler
#Wrapped and Sold: On Spotify’s year-end campaign, The Baffler
Socialized Streaming: A case for universal music access, Real Life
Library Music: Public libraries offer small-scale streaming alternatives for local archiving, The Broadcast
Invisible costs: Digital music takes an unprecedented environmental toll, No Depression
Streaming cooperative Resonate restores agency to artists, Shadowproof
Saga believes artists should have more control, Shadowproof
CASH Music helps artists navigate industry rife with corporate exploitation, Shadowproof

interviews & profiles

Zola Jesus, NPR
International Anthem, The Broadcast
Camp Cope, The Village Voice
Elder Ones, Bandcamp Daily
Tegan and Sara, The New York Times
Irreversible Entanglements, Shadowproof
Helen Money, The Guardian
Vince Staples, Dazed
Show Me the Body, The Guardian
Brujas, Dazed

essays & criticism

On Teen Boss, Adolescent Content, and youth influencers, The Baffler
On Facebook and DIY music spaces, Logic Magazine
On Means TV, the anti-capitalist Netflix fighting the Youtube wars, Frieze
On Joanna Newsom, for Turning the Tables, NPR
On Against the Sharing Economy by Tom Slee, Maximumrocknroll
On Broken Water's Wrought, Pitchfork
Why Yoko Ono Matters, Pitchfork
Why Mary Timony Matters, Pitchfork

misc. music writing

A Charlie Brown Christmas Turns 50: The Making of a Classic Soundtrack, Rolling Stone
How Allison and Katie Crutchfield‘s P.S. Eliot Came To Be, Pitchfork
Musical Instrument Lending Libraries Make Playing Music More Accessible, She Shreds
Discwoman on the fight to overturn NYC's archaic Cabaret Law, Time Out New York
Deerhoof & Wadada Leo Smith Winter Jazz Fest preview, Time Out New York
Creating Space for Creating Art, CASH Music
Opening the conversation on accessibility and venues, Impose
On punk flyers, Louisville, and Drag City book White Glove Test, Impose

the media interviews

Astra Taylor, The Media
Holly Herndon, The Media
Hannah Lew, The Media
Ben Trogdon, The Media
Esra'a Al-Shafei of Mideast Youth, The Media
The Mesoamerican Caravan, The Media

boston phoenix hi-lites 2011-2013

The Anarchist Playbook: Occupy Boston takes a page from the radical underground, The Boston Phoenix
Police State: On the BPD's LRAD at Occupy, The Boston Phoenix
Medic Alert: Tracing the roots of the street medicine movement, The Boston Phoenix cover story
Allston DIY Fest is a collective affair, The Boston Phoenix
Intro the Tuition Strikes: On Boston's student power movement, The Boston Phoenix
Surveying the stacks at Weirdo Records, The Boston Phoenix
Marissa Nadler profile, The Boston Phoenix
Bobb Trimble profile, The Boston Phoenix


Modern Love brings vegan punk ethos to the table, The Village Voice
PETA's fight to end primate abuse in Boston, The Boston Phoenix
Review of Fomu vegan ice cream shop, The Boston Phoenix