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Giant Sucking Sounds: Amazon's quest to bleed music dry, The Baffler (2023)

"There's endless choice, but you're not listening": music fans quitting streaming, The Guardian (2022)

Zola Jesus finds purpose in the process, NPR (2022)

Library Music: Public libraries offer small-scale streaming alternatives for local archiving, The Broadcast (2021)

Socialized Streaming: A case for universal music access, Real Life (2021)

With gigs canceled and no relief, musicians form a nationwide union, In These Times (2020)

Podcast Overlords: Spotify only works for the stars, The Baffler (2020)

#Wrapped and Sold: On Spotify’s year-end campaign, The Baffler (2020)

Big Mood Machine: Spotify pursues emotional surveillance for global profit, The Baffler (2019)

Sofar, So Bad: A global startup aims to exploit underground music, The Baffler (2019)

Interview with Elder Ones, Bandcamp Daily (2019)

On Teen Boss, Adolescent Content, and youth influencers, The Baffler (2019)

On Facebook and DIY music spaces, Logic Magazine (2019)

A Twinterview with Tegan and Sara, The New York Times (2019)

Musical Instrument Lending Libraries Make Playing Music More Accessible, She Shreds (2019)

Streambait Pop: The emergence of a total Spotify genre, The Baffler (2018)

Discover Weakly: Sexism on Spotify, The Baffler (2018)

Unfree Agents: Spotify's Uber-like model for independent artists, The Baffler (2018)

Cut the Music: Inside M.A.R.C.H.—the NYPD's secret, venue-closing task force, The Baffler (2018)

Camp Cope aren't the openers anymore, The Village Voice (2018)

On Joanna Newsom for Turning the Tables, NPR (2018)

The Problem with Muzak: Spotify's bid to remodel an industry, The Baffler (2017)

The Secret Lives of Playlists: Major label influence on Spotify, Watt (2017)

Interview with Irreversible Entanglements, Shadowproof (2017)

How Allison and Katie Crutchfield‘s P.S. Eliot Came To Be, Pitchfork (2016)

An interview with Astra Taylor, The Media (2015)