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Privacy Issues

"New York duo Privacy Issues, featuring journalist Liz Pelly and longtime shredder Pier Harrison, are part of a rich lineage
of feminist musicians who are spare in instrumentation but rich in analysis." Bandcamp Daily, "Best Punk of 2020"

The Media

A serial digital publication I co-edited from 2013-2018. On indefinite hiatus. 81 issues in the archive: fvckthemedia.com

Silent Barn

A collective-run arts space where I lived/worked from 2013-2018, and was part of a team that booked hundreds of all-ages shows. Photo by Edwina Hay.

P.S. Eliot Zine

A 75-page oral history zine I wrote/edited in 2016 surrounding the band's discography reissue on Don Giovanni Records. More info here.